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California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that a new variant of the coronavirus, called B-1 / 1.7, has been confirmed in a San Diego resident who tested positive for the virus on Wednesday, according to the California Department of Health (CDH) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The first confirmed case of the new virus in California, B.1 / 7, was announced Wednesday by California Governor Gavin Newsome at a news conference at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California, in response to a request from the state Department of Health and Human Services (HSD) about a possible link between the virus and a number of known cases in California. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside County are the only other counties with confirmed cases of the new strain.

The Southern California region includes San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as parts of Orange County and the San Joaquin Valley. It covers the southern part of the Bay Area, the Central Valley and San Luis Obispo County in California.

Californians can find out where their district is and what activities are allowed in that district on the state's website. A list of food stocks is provided for each district, as well as information on food stamps, food banks and other aid programs.

The County of San Bernardino is committed to rebuilding and maintaining a high quality of life for all residents and businesses. Before all San Antonio County small businesses receive funding, they must demonstrate a strong commitment to the county's mission of economic development and growth.

Anyone coming to California from another state or country, including returning Californians, should practice self-quarantine within 14 days of arrival. Californians are being encouraged to avoid travel to their area and stay home at least two weeks after the arrival of a high-risk person with Ebola.

Local and state leaders are encouraging Californians to stick to the order of staying at home, especially when it comes to the New Year, as they are strongly advised not to be allowed to leave their homes during what is usually a very social time of year.

This measure is sometimes a challenge, but it is necessary to protect our communities and we support it. The introduction of a "first come" was initially intended to serve as a policy for the use of parks and other public spaces. Park visitors are to use areas not occupied by authorized leagues and teams. Authorized youth sports leagues are allowed, which have access to all available parking spaces in the park, including the possibility to let spectators into the parking lot for at least two hours per day, seven days a week.

San Bernardino County has implemented the COVID-compliant Business Partnership Program to support local small businesses and ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and customers. The San Bernardino Regional Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles have been working diligently to coordinate the response to CO VID-19.

The city of Chino Hills has extended its moratorium on the sale of alcohol and tobacco products in the city until January 31. We accept applications for a limited number of CO VID 19 compliant beer and wine bottles and cans.

In anticipation of state action on Sunday night, Los Angeles County extended its "stay home" order, which essentially mirrors state restrictions. The order for Southern California's District 11 will expire on Monday and take effect at midnight on Sunday, January 31, 2017, the county's Department of Health said. It comes into effect after the state of California banned the sale of alcohol and tobacco products in all California counties and cities except Riverside County and San Bernardino County, as well as in some parts of Orange County.

The state's regional "stay home" order is scheduled to take effect at midnight on Sunday, January 31, 2017, two days after the new order was officially implemented, the California Department of Health said. The State of Regional Stay Home Order will take effect at 12: 01 a.m. on Monday, January 31, pending official implementation by the State of California and the Los Angeles County Department of Health.

The state's regional order for Room 11-County Southern California expires on Monday and takes effect at 12: 01 a.m. on Sunday, January 31, 2017, two days after the new order. San Bernardino County will once again have color-coded tiers when they are lifted, with restrictions based on other metrics. Newsom issued an order requiring all sports activities in purple league districts, including those in San Diego County, Los Angeles County and Orange County, to be suspended. The state's "stay home" order, which covers 12 counties of Orange and Riverside as well as parts of Riverside and San Luis Obispo counties, went into effect on Friday, January 20, 2016 and was supposed to expire on Monday, but has been in effect since.

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