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Get the latest weather forecast with daily highs and lows as well as historical averages for San Bernardino, CA, including daily historical highs and lows to help you plan. Get the San Bernardino CA weather for the day with daytime temperatures, daytime temperatures and a daily forecast for all parts of the state, including very later weather forecasts for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Riverside Counties.

If the San Bernardino snow report lacks details, we can predict the conditions on the slopes by using the latest snow reports and historical snowfall data for the area. Please note that you will find a list of the described low-cost slopes at the top left of this page. If a snow report mentions a powder keg in San Angeles County, read the map "San Bernardino Pistes" to determine your most likely location.

The city is highlighted in red on the map, the city of San Bernardino in the upper left. For more information on snowfall forecasts for the entire region, check the National Weather Service (NWS) weather.

Find out if you need to take the vine or the cajon and find the best routes to the San Bernardino Valley and the rest of Southern California. A 10-day weather forecast detailing the forecast for the entire region from the National Weather Service (NWS) in Los Angeles County. Learn what will happen in Southern California, including the effects of wind, rain, snow, fog, wind gusts and other weather conditions.

October weather average, including precipitation, high and low temperatures, wind gusts and other weather conditions. A forecast that includes a forecast for the entire region from the National Weather Service (NWS) in Los Angeles County, which includes precipitation (expressed in Fahrenheit / Celsius), rainfall heights and lows, and temperatures.

San Bernardino is the best time of year to visit the main tourist attractions of the district, from the end of May to mid-October. Based on these values, a good time is for visitors from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County, California, to visit New York City, New Jersey or Washington, D.C. in late May or mid-October. The best travel time for tourists from Southern California and the USA to San Antonio, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Texas is between the end of May and the end of October, based on tourist values.

Based on this measurement, the warmest time to visit San Bernardino is between the beginning of July and the beginning of September, based on tourist values. June, August and then September are the driest months, which means pleasant and warm weather for travelers. If you are looking for the hottest months to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City or Washington, D.C., the hottest months are August or September, then July. September and October are a bit cooler, although it is a pleasant, warm place for visitors from Southern California and the USA.

To describe how pleasant the weather is in San Bernardino all year round, two travel values are calculated: one for the warmest and coldest month and the driest.

The weather data from San Bernardino, CA shown above are provided by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The forecasts are very accurate on the first day, but lose reliability afterwards due to changes in the weather system, weather patterns and other factors.

The detailed weather reports allow to predict the snow conditions in San Bernardino even if the snow reports are too old to be useful and the ski conditions can be very bad. It is important to check the weather forecast for the first and second days of the ski season and to guess what impact the weather has on snow quality then and now, or whether it has no effect then or now. For example, a forecast for a mild to rainy night on Friday may indicate fresh powder, but on Saturday morning or early Sunday morning, when there is mild or rainy snow, there will be problems skiing. In addition, the snow situation in San Bernardino can change with weather changes.

Be prepared: Snow conditions will also affect those traveling from Southern California to Las Vegas on the 15 Freeway through Cajon Pass. It is recommended to check the snow levels in San Bernardino to see if conditions could change during your visit.

Never opt for weather information from the Internet, but find out the weather forecast for your region and local weather conditions. Weather Underground provides weather forecasts for the Cajon Junction area and the San Bernardino Valley, providing a comprehensive list of local and regional weather events and forecasts for the region.

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